Saiu no N.Y. Times:

"The founding duo is boy/girl combo Ben and Lo. Rather cryptically, according to their MySpace, he plays "invisible weapons" whilst she "glows in the dark". Interesting, interesting. Furthermore, they are joined by a live drummer by the name of Prince Terrence (formerly of Baltimore rude bois Spank Rock) and, I kid you not, a stage visual director in the form of London art school student Kate Moross."

Tipo de Som: electro-pop-come-neu-punk (!!!)
O som é "divertoso" e como disse o NYT: Interessante, interessante. Vale a pena conferir, no site da banda vc pode receber as newslettres e no myspace tem bastante coisa pra ouvir e baixar, como gifs animadas e banner da banda.

No My Space: http://www.myspace.com/heartsrevolution

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