Akemi band

Akemi band:

Luca Parma - voice, guitar, keyboards / Fabio Borroni - bass, guitar / Roberto Parma - drums

De onde: Itália - Bellaria, Rimini

Som: Alternativo, Indie, Rock

Akemi Band sobre eles mesmos:

"akemi is the result of a three elements meeting, who developed the idea of a more complex and elaborated project over the years. The Italian trio coming from Rimini and playing together for more then 3 years boasts a sound whose roots are to be found from the rock-noise of Sonic Youth, Can, Blonde Redhead to the more eclectic grunge matrix of Green River. An initially raw sound, but constant research oriented; cutting and spiky rhythm passages , that after several hours in studio gave birth to an indie-rock, which combines melodic atmospheres with aggressive riffs.Akemi recorded 3 Demo cds and a LP edited in 2006 in Monteleone (Cesena) by Bluscuro Studio.The recording activity alternates with several live shows in Italy and abroad supporting outstanding bands like : Bartòk, Fuck, Red Worms’ Farm, Marta sui Tubi, Giardini di Mirò, Old TimeRelijun…and many others"

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